Joel D. Winter

"My Background In Accounting Helps Me Balance Legal and Financial Concerns."

Before becoming a bankruptcy attorney, Joel spent more than a decade in the financial industry as a business analyst. Forced to change careers as a result of a tough economy, Joel finished law school and dedicated his life to helping people who are going through some of the hardest times of their lives. Through his own personal and professional experiences, Joel can help you work toward becoming debt free.

Don't Let Bankruptcy Be A Mystery

Understanding a challenge allows you to build a game plan

Do I Need to File Bankruptcy?

If you’re in over your head, bankruptcy may give you the fresh start you need.
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Preparing for Bankruptcy

Get the facts before you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in California.
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Learn more about total liquidation of your debts when you file for bankruptcy.
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Get the details on setting up a repayment plan for all or a portion of your debts.
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What Possessions Can I Keep in Bankruptcy?

Discover your exemptions that protect you when filing for bankruptcy relief.
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Using a Debt Settlement Company

Discover what debt settlement is and whether it’s appropriate for your needs.
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Bankruptcy was created to allow for a fresh and fair start.
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I've had my own financial trouble and worked my way out of it. I understand how it can prey on your mind. I enjoy my work because I feel I make a difference in the lives of others.
Joel Winter

You know when you’re in over your head that it can feel like you have nowhere to turn. The law may be on your side. Bankruptcy helps you wipe the slate clean so you can work toward a more empowered financial future. 

Taking the right steps to establish this future is critical when you find yourself in this situation. When it’s time to stop the harassment, the debt collection, and the threat of lawsuits, you can protect yourself by consulting with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer right away. There is a better way, and help could be just around the corner.

Feeling Trapped?

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What's possible after a bankruptcy?

Repairing credit

Once you get through bankruptcy and make smart decisions with your money, the path to better credit opens up so that you can move on from your financial past.

Buying a car

After bankruptcy and some time spent fixing your credit, you may be able to buy a car so you won't be lacking essential transportation.

Buying a house

With responsible financial activity, your credit may even allow you to buy a house just a few years after filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California.

Get Your Life Back

If you’re considering bankruptcy, right now you’re overwhelmed. You’re not sure if you have anyone in your corner. The bills are piling up, and the phone calls are constant. If you’re ready for a better way, you don’t need to wait any longer. The services provided by an experienced Fresno bankruptcy attorney can help you put your life back together so you can look forward to a vibrant future. 

Don’t let your current financial situation define your future. Taking action now can help you get on the path with better finances. Finding the right lawyer can make a big difference in how you get through the bankruptcy process. 

If you are already contemplating filing, now is the time to set up a consultation to learn more about your rights. Stop waiting for things to get better without taking action; only you can help yourself in this situation.

You can reclaim your life and have a better financial future by speaking with a lawyer and deciding to file bankruptcy. Get the facts so you know what to expect.